Community Challenge, can you find unit test cases that are missing !!

Just thought i’d throw out a challenge to the best and brightest, who might be interested in learning a little more about the openwebapps development / testing infrastructure.

This is the mission if you choose to accept it.

We are the Open WebApps project, and we want as many people looking over our javascript as possible.
If you imagine to write HTML5 / Javascript in the future this might be a great little intro to our API’s and how things work.

Below is a podcast on how to add unit tests:

Your mission is to find as many test cases / edge cases that are not represented in our test suite and get your submissions in to me.
Show me your pull requests in the comment feed and we can get this competition going!

*** Technical Details ***

Basically the test infrastructure is run from the tests described in: site/tests/*.html, and the javascript is in jsapi/*.js.

To the top contributor i will send a goodie bag of the coolest Mozilla stuff I can find. The coolness of the stuff depends on the coolness of the submissions!!!


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